Collaboration is

Give a 5-10 minute talk about YOUR business.

Imagine if you could get to know your fellow Lakes Entrance business owners in a casual, relaxed and fun environment on a regular basis.

Imagine if you could¬† see behind the scenes, hear about their successes and what didn’t work.

Imagine if you could learn from them and also grow your business by partnering with them. Scratch their back and they scratch yours.

Watch this space for dates. 

Become a local expert in the eyes of your customers, when you can tell them where the best eats are, or where to hire a kayak or bike.

Get to know your neighbours and impress your customers!

Feature your business

We will be targetting local business owners to attend an informal get-together at a local business to share what they have to offer in the way of their products and services. An informal 10 minute chat and a fun way to get to know each other and start working together.

When a local Motel knows about your Tour product, or a local Retailer knows about your latest Menu offerings, why spend valuable $$ on advertising, when you have a source of customers living right next door.

Share your Business with others

Come along and educate other operators on what you have to offer their customers.

Express your interest

Send us an email to express your interest in doing a 10 minute presentation at our get-togethers. We can help you with dates, times and ideas on how to present your business to others.
Send an email to or click the button below.